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“I’m Not Dead Yet*.”

“I’m getting better*.”  Well shucks, school’s done hit me like a ton of bricks.  Shot out of a battleship’s gun.  In a tornado.  (Hard, fast, and very painful.)  But Jimmy Earl’s still alive and kickin’, just doin’ more teachin’ than writin’ as of the past few weeks.  But I’m still breathin’.  I’ve been working on the romance angle of the story, adding in not just one but three whole new chapters/scenes about the story’s ill-fated love-triangle.  And you know what – it’s downright fun!  Maybe I need to change the title of this here blog; on account of it’s not solely hillbilly horror anymore and got a fair does of romance in it now as well.  (Actually, I have a confession to make – as you fine folks have no doubt already surmised, this here story’s more of a comedy/adventure than horror.)  Fortunately, we have excellent romance bloggers here at WordPress, such as Christina Cole’s fine blog, Christina Cole Romance, which I follow and heartily recommend.  Anyhow, blog on, and I hope to check back in soon!

* “I feel fine… I feel happy.”

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Yeee-Haw!!! My First Blog!

Howdy!  Jimmy Earl Burke comin’ at you from the Internet! This here’s my first post, so don’t expect nothin’ fancy of it. I’ll be updatin’ my blog here about my upcoming novels, set in my home town of Riney County, Kentucky. Them stories got monsters, vampires, werewolves, zombies and other strange goings-on that us Riney County folk have endured for as far back as any of us can recollect. My first novel’s about half-ways done, and should be finished by the end of this here year (that being 2013.) Feel free to drop me a line, stay in touch, follow this here blog, and send me some Mountain Dew and Moon Pies if you have a hankerin’!

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