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Every Scene A Story

For darn near a week now I’ve been strugglin’ to write that one scene in the library, you know, the one where our heroes learn some important clue or somethin’ similar about the town’s history. I just ain’t been in the right from of mind for it, even though I always write with a pretty well-detailed outline with plenty of notes. It hit me last night why I was puttin’ off writin’ this here scene.

It’s boring.

So that’s why I’ve had a realization – if a scene is boring to you as the writer, it for darn sure’s gonna be borin’ to the readers. Whether it’s the action and/or the characters involved, boring is boring, to readers and writers alike. That there bein’ the case, on account of that each scene has to be more than just “I wrote this ’cause it has to happen to move the story along.” So, how am I gonna spice that scene up, to make it stand up on its own, and be interestin’?

Add a FUN sub-plot to each scene.

Nothin’ fancy, nothin’ major. But there should be something mildly interestin’ and/or amusin’ goin’ on, maybe sorta in the background, that starts in the beginnin’ of EVERY scene and gets resolved by the scene’s end. Now, what that sub-plot’s gonna be, I ain’t rightly figured out yet, but that’s today’s job, well that and lunch with the family, which I’m about to be late for as I write this here blog.  Gotta run!

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Yeee-Haw!!! My First Blog!

Howdy!  Jimmy Earl Burke comin’ at you from the Internet! This here’s my first post, so don’t expect nothin’ fancy of it. I’ll be updatin’ my blog here about my upcoming novels, set in my home town of Riney County, Kentucky. Them stories got monsters, vampires, werewolves, zombies and other strange goings-on that us Riney County folk have endured for as far back as any of us can recollect. My first novel’s about half-ways done, and should be finished by the end of this here year (that being 2013.) Feel free to drop me a line, stay in touch, follow this here blog, and send me some Mountain Dew and Moon Pies if you have a hankerin’!

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