Romance Is In The Air

I was originally meanin’ to get this posted on Valentine’s Day, but life is what actually happens while you’re making other plans.  (Namely we here in Riney County have us about four feet of snow on the ground to shovel out from under.)  Anyhow, snow’s shoveled and it’s time to get back to writing – and blogging!

At least this time it hasn’t been a year since my last post.  Ahem…

So, it appears my “horror” story is now a total romance, with comedy and comedic horror elements mixed in.  Like I said, life is what actually happens while you’re making other plans.  I didn’t set out to make it a romance, but my number one rule for writing is have very well-defined characters, and then let the character write the novel, not the author.  If your characters are interesting enough, they’ll write the book for us.  I’m just about finished with re-writing the pivotal scenes that make the romance (and “the sizzling romantic-triangle”) the main focus of the book, and with any luck, 2015 WILL be the year you see the first story of Riney County on the bookshelves.

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