Rumors of My Demise…

… have generally  been rather well documented.  I am, however, very much alive despite my absence for more than a year.  I hit a rough patch on the story of the folks in good ol’ Riney County that necessitated considerable rewriting.  (Now of course all this here story about Riney County is true-like(TM) so it was, um, research.   Yep, a rough patch what lasted a full 14 months, but it’s all done now. The scene in question is where are hero goes into the lair of the beast itself to confront it, and has to muster up the courage to do so, which ain’t really like him.  So this was the “apex” of the story, a major scene that deserves – no, needs – to be done just right or the rest of the story won’t make much sense and won’t be rightly believable.   At one point I’d chucked the whole thing for a few weeks, givin’ up on it, but these folks around here all have stories to tell (some scary, some funny, some sentimental, some downright stupid, and all true-like(TM).)

One thing I learned is, if a scene ain’t working for you no matter what you do, it may very well be that the scene ain’t wrong – it’s just the wrong scene.  Don’t be afraid to chuck the whole thing out the window (make sure it ain’t the window what has the air-conditioner unit in it), and come up with a whole new thing that you like better.   Chances are, if you like it better, not only is it a better scene that you SHOULD use, but your readers is for sure gonna like it a lot better too.

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